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Seminar Parenting

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Tema Membangun Komunikasi Asik Antara Orangtua dan Anak
Pembicara Dra. Lindi Budi Priyanti
Tempat Syafana Islamic School – Paradiso
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Pengajian Rutin Dwi Mingguan

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Waktu : 23 Oktober 2013
Waktu : Syafana Islamic School – Paradiso
Tempat : 08.30 – 11.00
Pembicara : : Ustd. Najamudin
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Sosialisasi Akreditasi Sekolah

sosialisasi-akreditasiwww.syafana.com. On Tuesday (10/9) Syafana Islamic School Paradiso was honored to be the host of an event organized by Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Tangerang (Department of Education) in collaboration with Badan Akreditasi Sekolah/Madrasah Provinsi Banten (School Accreditation Institution). This event, entitled “Sosialisasi Akreditasi Sekolah/Madrasah Tahun 2013,” was attended by more than 25p participants including principals, vice-principals, school representatives, as well as government and private officers of education institutions. It was began at 8.30 am with the opening speech by Drs. H. Zaenudin, M.M., M.Pd., Head of Education Department Kab.Tangerang. This event for school accreditation was arranged so that every school around Kabupaten Tangerang could be aware of the purpose of accreditation itself, which is to improve the quality of education in every school; public or private.

Syafana is very thankful to Hj. Masroni, S.H., M.Si., the representative of Education Department Kabupaten Tangerang, who allowed us to be the host of such a big event. We got a positive review of our building and many people from a number of schools around Kabupaten Tangerang got to know Syafana. We hope in the future Syafana can also contribute in may development program for education quality for the Province of Banten.

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Entrepreneurship Day 2013


www.syafana.com. On Tuesday, the 10th of September 2013, Syafana Islamic School (Paradiso campus) held “Entrepreneurship Day” with the theme “Smart Students, Great Leaders, Brilliant Entrepreneurs.” Alhamdulillah this event ran successfully. This event is aimed to develop students’ entrepreneurship skills and to educate them about currency as well. The participants of this event were Primary and Secondary students. The students showed enthusiasm to produce, promote and sell their products (their sold any kinds of products such as food, accessories, handmade crafts etc.). In addition, this event was divided into three sessions, so that every class gets chance to be the seller and the buyer as well. This event started at 08.20 with an opening from the Vice Principal of Syafana Islamic School Ust. Mustafa Yamin and ended at 13.50. SubhanAlloh, this was a great event!

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WHUC Visit Syafana

whuc-visit-syafanawww.syafana.com. (28/8) Once again Syafana Islamic School get a superb visit. This time Syafana was honored to welcome The Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of The World Hajj and Umrah Convention (WHUC), Mr. Mohsin Tutla and Mr. Hussain Tutla. The purpose of their visit to Indonesia was to present the award to Indonesia (through the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia) as the world’s best hajj organizers. They heard about Syafana from ibu Edayanti (mother of Naila Resti Hafidza) and they were interested to come and see the school by themself. Their arrival at Syafana greeted well by the team of Syafana i.e., Managing Director, Principal of Syafana Paradiso, Chief of PR and Chief of HRD. Afetr sharing session and discussion about education and other things, our guests took a tour of classes and excitedly interacted with some students. Alhamdulillah this brief visit opens an opportunity for Syafana as Mr. Mohsin Tutla and Mr. Hussain Tutla are willing to help us for any collaboration educational with Islamic schools around the world (especially in the United Kingdom). At last, we want to thank ibu Edayanti for sharing information about Syafana to WHUC (World Hajj & Umrah Convention), so that we can have this very meaningful visit (Amiin).