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Field Trip to Taman Budaya Alhamdulillah, on 2 November 2011 Syafana Islamic School Paradiso went on afield trips to cultural edutainment park-Sentul City.
We gathered all the students on the sport field; we divided them into groups per class level.
We departed from school at 8 am.
Therewere 240syafana students that took part in this fieldtrip and was accompanied by 40 teachers and about 22class parents.
On the bus going to the park we played some games, quiz and reading Tahfizh together with the students.We arrived at the park around 9:30 AM.
The event started with a briefing from the trainers and reading doa together, then followed by subordinates outbound games that consisted of
-    LOW IMPACT GAMES such as the Log Step, balance beam, TopFoot Step, Diagonal Cargo Net, Wind Tunnel, a suspension bridge, cargonet Bridge, Slider Kids , Net crawling, rockerboards, Tarsan Swing, Surf board, and

-    HIGH IMPACT GAMES like Swinging Plank, Burma Bucket, Log Swing, X-Crossing, NetBridge, Big Slider, Kids Climbing Wall, Gladiator Ring, FlyingFox 60 m.

All participants enjoyed the activities until lunch and ShalatZhuhur Jamaah in congregation.

Promptly at 2 pm the participants left the park and arrived back atschool at 4pm.
Walhamdulillah, the field trip was very successful all of us really enjoyed the trip.
Special thanks to Parents, Students and Teachers for their cooperation and participation in this event, May Allah bless us all.

Insya Allah, See u all next semester.

Green Day Event “Let’s Keep our Earth Green”

Living in a clean, green and healthy environment is a dream for everyone. Realizing the need of living in a healthy environment is very important, so we have to do our  part to make it come true. As Syafana Islamic School held a Green Day event on Thursday, July 21, 2011.The aim of this  event was to build students’ awareness’ in making a clean, green, and healthy environment with the theme “Let’s Keep Our Earth Green”. All primary  students of Syafana Islamic School took part in this event with various activities . The activities were as follows:
•    Watering the plants and coloring pictures for P1
•    Planting and making compost for P2
•    Making compost and Classifying organic and  non organic waste for P3
•    Making something from recycled things
•    Watching movies about the  environment
•    Movie discussions

•    Games
This activity started from 08.20 a.m until 03.00 p.m. The event was  opened by Ustd. Mustafa Yamin as the principal of Syafana Islamic School Primary to give an opening speech and the event was closed by watching and discussing a  movie . Alhamdulillah this event  run very well and all students participated actively. Hopefully, after joining this event all students will be  encouraged to make clean, green, healthy environments started from the simple things such as; no littering, turn off lights/AC when they are  not necessary, save water plant trees/flowers, etc.

Siti Ulfah Septianti, S.Pd
PIC of Green day Event

Field Trip to Mekarsari

Alhamdulillah, Syafana Paradiso Primary students have had their second field trip to Mekarsari on the 27th of April 2011 in this academic year.

Three buses of students and teachers departed from the school at 7:30 am and arrived at  Taman Mekarsari – Cileungsi after 2 hours of travel. Then the participants were divided into two groups of activity.

The series of event followed by the participants are the nursery; where they learn how to cultivate fruit trees in pots (tabulampot) and have the opportunity to  practice planting the fruit trees. After they finished the practice of planting, the participants then had the opportunity to taste a bottle of Mekarsari juice before they proceed to the following agenda. Then they  stick the seeds  together on a drawing paper and then took a train tour around the garden.

After resting for lunch and prayer the last thing done by the participants was visiting the Kids Fun Valley to play. Eeach participant received a coin game to play a Bom Bom Car, rolling stroller, or train etc …

Approximately at 2.30 pm the participants ended the activity and prepared to return to school with a sense of satisfactory, joy, carrying souvenirs of 1 kg melon fruit and seed crops they had planted, during the learning about fruit trees in pots,  and arrived at 4.30pm.

On behalf of Field Trip PIC I would like to thank to all teachers, staff and parents for all of your support to make this event successful. May Allah, the Almighty, reward you with a better one. Amiin.

This is Real Indonesian Culture

Alhamdulillah, three days Indonesia’s cultural day event at Primary-Paradiso was done successfully. All he students followed the event with enthusiasm. The theme was “I Love Indonesia”, the students learned more about Indonesia’s cultures’. With this event, the students found out more about the variety of ethnics, languages, traditional foods, as well as Indonesian traditional games.

As for traditional foods, the students introduced some foods derived from various tribes, such as Roti Buaya from betawi, Es Pisang Hijau from Sulawesi, Empek-empek from Palembang, and much more.

The students were also introduced to traditional games, such as:engrang, tapak gunung, kelereng, bentengan, lompat karet, holahop, ular naga, bola bekel, congklak, and bola bakar. They were enthusiastic to participate and try-out different kinds of games. When playing engrang, each tried the games by turns and were assisted by teachers. They seemed very excited in playing those games.

Hopefully, by having this Indonesia cultural day event, the students will be able to recognize and preserve our valuable cultures. Much appreciation to all parents, teachers, and staff for their cooperation and assistance during the event.

“Kompetensi dan Kreatifitas Se-kecamatan Kelapa Dua” Competition 2011

As part of the school members in Kecamatan Kelapa Dua-Tangerang, Syafana Islamic School studens took part in “Kompetisi Kompetensi dan Kreatifitas Se-kecamatan Kelapa Dua-Tangerang on Wednesday, 20 April 2011.

One of the competitions was Traditional Story Telling, and Zacky Samudra Suryanto from Primary 3 has won for the 2nd Honorable Mention. He did story telling from Sumatera  Barat (Padang) with title “Malin Kundang”.

We are really grateful to Allah SWT, that we won on the competition, and also would like to thanks to parent who have supported and helped our students in this event. Wassalam